Company Name Changed Notice


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Company Name Changed Noticed

To respected customers:

        Due to business expand requirement ,our compnay RF TECHNOLOGY (HONGKONG) LTD (RFTECH) has acquired Universal IoT corporation  Limited (IoT) ,STOCK CODE:870820.From now on,we will use company name of Universal IoT Corporation for business with you,but kindly be noted below details:

   1.  Business range keeps unchanged:Tablet PC,Smart Watch,Smart Band.Bluetooth Earphones.

    2.  Bank account keeps unchanged:RF TECHNOLOGY (HONGKONG) LTD

    3.  Company and factory's address keeps unchanged.

    4.  Website( keeps unchanged,with increased.

    5.  Rftech's mailbox keeps unchanged till 1st May 2018,after then we will transfer to Universal's mailbox.


       Sorry for any inconvenience caused by the business expand and company name changed.We sincerely thank you for all the supports and kind understanding ,looking forward to keeping nice working with you and your kind supports as before.

       Thank you with best regards.

                                                                                                                      RF TECHNOLOGY (HONGKONG) LTD

                                                                                                                  Shenzhen Universal IoT Corporation Limited


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