RFtech attend in China mobile Global partners conference

Shenzhen Universal Iot ltd (Shenzhen RFTECH ltd) carrys first NB-IoT sport smartwatch to participate in China mobile Global Partner Conference 2017

      November 23, 2017 Shenzhen Universal Iot ltd (Shenzhen RFTECH Ltd)was invited to participate in China Mobile Global Partner Conference 2017. With the theme of "Focusing on the Connected Value and Winning the Future of the Internet of Things", China Mobile organized the first Smart IoT Forum. Forum officially released China Mobile Internet of Things Union. Shenzhen Universal IoT CEO Mr.Allan and CTO Mr.Jackie were honour to attend the opening ceremony of China Mobile's Global Partner Conference.



     (The main venue)

     In the China mobile Global partner conference,Shenzhen Universal IoT ((Shenzhen RFTECH Ltd) carry NB-IoT sport smart watch S27 to participate in the activity,Shenzhen Universal IoT(Shenzhen RFTECH Ltd) is engaged in researching,developing,selling and producing of sport smart wearable.We have did lots of sport smart wearable projects and shipped out bulked commodities to overseas at present,it has supported kind of sports,for instance,Running,Hiking,Run Indoor,Swimming,Football,Canoeing,Rowing,Cross-country skiing,etc.After years overseas consolidated ODM experience,we are backing into domestic internet application with gold quality of product and service.


    Our NB-IoT smart wearable product was on the China mobile's  main exhibition booth,it plays proactive role for Shenzhen Universal IoT ltd (Shenzhen RFTECH Ltd) in the filed of Internet of things.We were happy to build cooperation partnership finally after had a long talk with China mobile relevant person who is responsible for IoT and cooperate with China mobile's"Big connection,Superior service,Strong applicationz" strategic guidance.We'll work closely with China mobile to move forward in the road of  IoT,and stretch our entrepreneurial wings.

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